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 Founded in 2012, ABF Integral Consulting Inc, from now and on known as In-Auction, is a young company, however, it is one of the Miami's leading foreclosure and tax deed auctions consultants, Investors, realtors and property owners rely on us to provide honest and accurate service. As well as, clients expect courteous and professional service. We deliver on all levels. We go by our reputation and years of accumulated experience.


Our company has continued to develop Consulting Services, Business Liaisons and Real Estate Investment, with new ventures we have evolved from a provider of litigation support to law firms and homeowners to provide integral counseling and assistance to different investors, including providing business liaisons for real estate investors, but more important  our service to purchase Foreclosure and Tax Deed Properties at the Online Auction at the Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Orange Counties and others, such services include all related legal support and services for all properties purchased by the Company. 

Our Company is well known for its Integrity, uncompromising attention to detail. commitment to our clients, professional and community relationships. These are the guiding principles of this company. 

Over the years, we have established numerous key relationships with international clients, business owners, investors, attorneys, realtors and brokers which allow us to have insight on different business activities, our passion and energy have led this company to an impressive record of accomplishment spanning the Miami Area embracing a remarkable network of people around South Florida. 

The goal at ABF Integral Consulting Inc., is to find or create superior real estate investment opportunities.

Over the years, we have focused on advanced and strategic analysis of real estate industry to determine appropriate investments & product portfolio to provide the finest opportunities in today's market, including commercial properties.


We currently represent a diversified group of investors from Venezuela, Colombia, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Panama, Ecuador, Spain, Israel, and other countries to advise them on market conditions, foreclosure and tax deed auctions purchases and specific advisory assignments.


Since our beginnings, we have grown exponentially, building an expansive property portfolio and an untold number of happy clients, so far we have surpassed more than 390 properties purchased. We provide real estate services in 10 different counties so far, with annual average of 40 to 50 properties purchased in foreclosure and tax deed auctions rounding an approximate amount of $11.5 MM per year, we also provide to properties and data from outlying areas and states. It pays to have industry connections.

Our fees are customized according with our client’s needs and budget and they include, but are not limited to, time spent for conferences, including telephone conferences with the Client/Parties) drafting documents, negotiations, evaluation of all the accounting issues affecting the engagement, travel to and from locations away from the office, legal research and such.

Andres A. Bermudez
Founder and CEO

Our CEO, Andres Bermudez, is Venezuelan Internationalist and Attorney graduated from the Universidad Central of Venezuela with more than  25 years of experience, also, is a Licensed Realtor Estate Advisor with 10 years of legal experience in South Florida, specialized in real estate auctions, commercial litigation, negotiations and contracts, he is also providing assistance to our clients by negotiating and achieving successful settlements with condos associations, also, violations and liens' negotiation from counties and cities, respectively, at this time, our company has reached more than 395 successful purchases in the last ten years.

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