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Achieving Growth and Success


A fast way to purchase properties considerably under market value through on line auction. We are completely different! 

Not many consulting companies provide an integral service designed for all investors who want to buy foreclosures. We provide complete information buy a property from a court foreclosure. 


We have the equipment and the knowledge you need to enter and be successful in the foreclosure market-Providing expertise in every single step of the process of foreclosure: analysing and reviewing the properties to be auctioned, acquiring the property, negotiating with the association/former owner and tenants.

Whether you are an expert investor who needs further assistance or just a beginer investor, we are the best option.


Investment Funds

Even a small investment fund or a crowd fund, we have the knowledge, experience, the contacts and the tools to successfully maximize profits, by assessing risks and liabilities, by purchasing the best options in the best moment. We recently founded our new business enterprise, Altair Realty Investment Funds, LLC,. We will offer securities and participation in real estate investment funds, please visit us at 

Tax Deed

Another option to buy distressed properties under market value, this is a tricky one, the margins and profits are considerably higher than foreclosures, however, an expert guide is required to succeed in this tricky business, there is too much to know before entering in the tax deeds, nonetheless, the rewards might be huge and the risk is worthy, our procedures will avoid you the pitfalls of this business. We focus on some of the most desirable counties in Florida, (Miami-Dade, Broward & Orange). We have a multidisciplinary team to help you to make the best investment, please feel free to contact us for a presentation of  our services and proven track of purchased properties.


To become the leader company in South Florida providing consulting services for many investors in partnership for profitable real estate investments, THE NEXT STEP, IN THE NEXT FEW YEARS TO BECOME A LAW FIRM SPECIALIZED IN CORPORATE SERVICES TO MULTIPLE INVESTORS, 
Our Company is well known for its Integrity, uncompromising attention to detail. commitment to our clients, professional and community relationships. These are the guiding principles of this company. 
Originally opened in 2009, our mission is and always will be to find or create superior real estate investment opportunities by acting with Integrity, uncompromising attention to detail. commitment to our clients, professional and community relationships.
PART OF THE COMMUNITY. A customer focused company with a solid reputation with clients and industry professionals as partners and collaborators for over 10 years. Our passion and energy have led this company to an impressive record of accomplishment spanning the South Florida Area embracing a remarkable network of people, real estate companies and corporations from South Florida to Latin America and Europe. 


In-Auction (A.K.A . ABF Integral Consulting, Inc.)

2822 NW 79TH Avenue, Doral, FL 33122.

Cell: (786)315-6403

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